Frequently Asked Questions

1Where is Switzerland County, Indiana?
Switzerland County is in the southeast corner of Indiana, near the fast- growing Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Greater Louisville regions.

For more information and a visual display of Switzerland Countys location click here

2Switzerland County is a beautiful place to visit, but is it really a good place to locate a business?
Yes. Switzerland County offers ready-to-build sites with modern infrastructure. The community also offers a logistical advantage to business choosing to strategically locate in the Midwestern United States. County leadership is flexible enough to customize all available resources to meet the needs of new and existing businesses.
3Why would I choose Switzerland County over neighboring counties or even Ohio or Kentucky?
There are considerable costs and logistical advantages to locating in Switzerland County. Switzerland Countys labor costs have consistently been among the lowest in Indiana and the Midwest. The countys tax rates are also among the lowest in Indiana. Finally, Switzerland County is home to pro-active leaders whose priority is to make new and existing businesses successful.
4Will my business be able to find enough well-educated, trained workers in Switzerland County?
Yes. While Switzerland County itself has a small population, it draws from a regional workforce that has the numbers and the training to meet any workforce need. Within a standard one hour commute of the county are over 200,000 workers. In addition, the community has an excellent selection of post-secondary institutions to customize training needs for any business. For more information on our educational resources, click here. The community is committed to providing both affordable and high-end housing for a growing workforce. For information on housing, click here.
5Can I really get the services I need in such a remote location?
Switzerland County borders one of the fastest growing regions in the Midwest. Services are avalible in the community to meet almost any business need, from industrial to service to commercial. The community is within a one hour drive of two major metropolitan areas and most retail needs can be met within a half-hours drive or less. It is true that rural character and charm is still alive and well in Switzerland County, but not at the expense of modern services.
6Is the infrastructure in place for new business demands?
Yes. Switzerland County has sites to meet any industry need and more then enough capacity for commercial and residential development.
7Who should I talk to about relocating or starting a business?

Your first contact should be the Switzerland County Economic Development Corporation.

Email: Jon Bond
P.O. Box 192
Vevay, IN 47043

They will be able to assist you and put you in touch with the people you need to talk to regardless of your business needs.

8What support is available from the County and State to develop my business in Switzerland County?
Switzerland County offers aggressive incentive and assistance packages for businesses of any size. Our support can be tailored to suit business needs. The state of Indiana also offers competitive support and incentives for new equipment, employment, worker training and business expansion.
9 What is the County's plan for future development?
Switzerland County has put together an aggressive strategy for economic development. County leaders look to the community for guidance in the direction growth should take and, as new businesses become members of our community, their input is welcome in the planning process. To review Switzerland Countys Economic Development Strategy click here

10Is the community open to new growth?
Switzerland County is aggressively encouraging targeted growth in the community. It is the communitys goal to work with businesses to ensure that growth is happening in targeted areas of he community where it has the greatest chances of success.
11What types of businesses is the County best suited for?
While the community can accommodate any kind of business, light and advanced manufacturing industries have expressed the most interest in the community. New road construction, to be completed in 2006 and 2007 will create new advantages for logistics firms.
12What impact has the casino had on the area?
The Belterra Casino has brought wonderful opportunities to Switzerland County, adding amenities that most rural areas can only dream of. Our local businesses now have access to some of the finest conference and meeting area facilities in the Midwest and our citizens enjoy top-tier entertainers on a regular basis. The Belterra Casino prides itself on impeccable customer service and these qualities show through in Switzerland Countys entire workforce.